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Velocity Credit Union

Braker Lane Branch, Slaughter Lane Branch

Braker: Approx. 4,000 SF - $1.4m - 8/04 Slaughter: Approx. 4,000 SF - $1.4m - 5/05 AGC Design-Build Award Each branch is located in Austin, Texas. New construction. The similar plan and appearance of these two Velocity branches serve as a prototypical design instantly recognizable to the public as the Velocity Credit Union. The design intent was to create an iconic building that would welcome a new, younger demographic into the credit union's already well established clientele. Sustainability was important in all phases of the projects and has continued to be a priority to Velocity's corporate character. The finished buildings achieved a 2-star rating in the Austin Energy's Green Building Program with the mechanical system exceeding the State Energy Code by 40%. Daylighting is provided by a clerestory open to the lobby and maximixed throughout by use of interior glass office-fronts. Recycled or recyclable materials were chosen to minimize toxicity and reflect the team's desire to create truly people-friendly buildings.